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[2018 Fudan Premium Fund for Management] Chen Xiaohong: Work hard now and cherish every minute counts to succeed

2019-02-22 11:14:40


    Among the many reminders, Chen Xiaohong, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of HNUC, most appreciates the "God rewards the diligent". She has obtained remarkable achievements in the decision science field, and her courageous and forthright mentality is reflected in the actions. "There is no difficulty in the world if you are diligent. Behind the success, it's often the constant arduous efforts." At the age of 16, she entered the university, was promoted to a professor anomaly at the age of 31, and was elected an academician in 2017. In the fast-paced life of the winner of the Fudan Outstanding Contribution Award of Management in 2018, hard work and struggle are always the brightest background.


Constant effort yields sure success: Taking hard work as the life "accelerator"

    In the 1980s, Chen Xiaohong, an undergraduate majoring in Computer Science, decided to select the Management Science and Engineering as a new field of postgraduate study, and began her scientific research path that has continued up to now. "An aged professor returning the country is my father's friend. He told me that the national market economy development needs managerial talents, so I made the decision to apply for an examination."

      At that time, computers in China were still "bulky", and Management Science was far less mature than it today. She has devoted herself to the information system and information management due to the patriotism, which has made the main line of promoting scientific decision through informationized, digital and intelligent mode for her academic context very early, having some tentative significance in the forefront of the times.

  Looking back the inter-disciplinary action without many hesitations, she could still recall the picture of preparing for the examination on the cold night of the Spring Festival, warming her feet with boiling water and being completely unconscious of the cold water. "Now we all emphasize inter-disciplinary talents. At that time, I seemed to have taken the lead step." Talking about this memory, she said with a smile.

    In 2000, she wrote the paper of Focusing on SME Financing and published it on China Economic Times. Her forward-looking thinking was personally approved by Zhu Rongji, former Premier of the State Council, and had an impact throughout the country.

  "I have visited many enterprises in Japan and found that SMEs in Japan actually play a very important role in the whole economic system." For Chen Xiaohong, Focusing on SME Financing is not only a budding work, but also a witness of years of hard study abroad. In 1994, She was sent to Japan as a visiting scholar and later studied for a PhD in Business Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology. With the spirit of "squeezing sponges", most people need seven or eight years to complete their studies, but she only spent four years. In those years, she, who studied diligently, was the only woman successfully obtaining this degree.

  In 2005, SmartDecision, the first decision application software development platform with independent intellectual property rights developed by Chen Xiaohong and her team, won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress. It has been applied to the development of 24 decision and information systems, such as "DSS for Guarantee Degree, Development and Utilization of China's Mining Resources" and "DSS for Metal Resource Development", etc., which has overcome the system integration and intelligent quantitative technology such as hierarchical model architecture, etc., and has created more than RMB 1 billion of economic and social benefits for more than ten large-scale enterprises such as Jiangxi Copper Corporation, Aluminum Corporation of China and Yunnan Copper Group, etc.


      "In more than ten years, I led my team to make information system and decision system for many mining enterprises. These experiences became the basis for the formation of a common platform." They went to remote mining enterprises for many times, conducted the investigation day after day, to obtain the first-hand information... The birth of SmartDecision condensed the hard work and sweat of Chen Xiaohong and her team over the years. As her former doctor classmate and today's cooperator, Guan Jian, Deputy Dean of Central South University Business School, remembers Chen Xiaohong's leading hand-in-hand posture in the enterprise investigation. Along with her, she said: "In terms of teaching career and academic journey in the future, that experience is valuable."

      Based on reality: Write the "answer sheet" of questions with hard work

  "Intelligent environment protection is the inevitable development of information technology, and also provides new means for environmental protection." In Aug. 2018, Chen Xiaohong attended the 12th China Engineering Management (Smart City) Forum and shared her views on the intelligent environment protection. "By virtue of real-time monitoring of IOT, in-depth analysis of big data and aid decision making of AI, it can achieve the real-time grasp of environmental conditions, dynamic analysis of environmental pollution causes, accurate prediction of environmental trends, accurate formulation of environmental protection policies, and precise implementation of environmental governance measures."

    In 2015, the heavy metal emission in the Xiangjiang River basin is 52% lower than that in 2007, and the average reduction rate of cadmium in the pilot areas of farmland restoration along the Xiangjiang River reaches 60%. As the country's first special control project of heavy metal pollution in the basin, the success of the Xiangjiang River basin cannot be separated from the unremitting efforts of a group of people. As an active promoter of the fine management of resource and environment, and the application of environmental big data, Chen Xiaohong and her team have been working hard in the relevant fields for nearly ten years in response to the construction of a "resource-economical and environment-friendly society" (hereinafter referred to as "two-oriented society"), and for the achievement of blue sky and green water. Nowadays, 16 "two-oriented" standards and 18 energy conservation and emission reduction standards designed under her support have been issued and implemented by the People's Government of Hunan Province. Some of them have been national standards, filling in the gaps in construction standard system of "two-oriented society". Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan urban agglomeration, which has been approved for more than ten years in the "two-oriented" pilot areas, is also bursting with reform vigor under its leading top-level design.

    "Ms. Chen often said that the research should be problem-oriented, demand-driven, and 'of indomitable spirit', to realize the leading academics and applicable achievement."  Based on what he sees and hears, Tang Xiangbo, a doctoral candidate who is engaged in the research of air pollution control and governance mechanism, thinks that the research of "public" and frontier "two-oriented society" and ecological civilization can be evaluated with the "God rewards the diligent" exactly.

  From focusing on SME financing issues and R&D of information and decision support platform, to standard-led "two-oriented society" construction, Chen Xiaohong still adheres to her original intention with the core concept of "not conducting the unrealistic research". Due to witnessing the changes brought about by the development within 40 years of the reform and opening-up, her consistent research direction is still to test the theory with practice and to pay attention to the practical problems needing to be solved urgently with what she has learned.

  "When selecting a topic, we should firstly check the actual background, and make the field research and data collection during the research, and the achievements will be applied in the enterprises or government departments to make follow-up optimization and improvement based on actual feedback." Hu Dongbin, a professor at the Central South University Business School, described the long chain of the research process should be like this.. "Academician Chen has always hoped that our achievements will be applied actually." He, who has been deeply involved in R&D of SmartDecision platform, and has worked with Chen Xiaohong for nearly 20 years, admitted that the "Chen's Style" which advocates practicality has infected many people around him unconsciously.

    "My team and I are planning to study the urban management and decision methods in smart city construction in combination with big data, IOT, AI, block chain and other information technologies." There are lots of achievements, but Chen Xiaohong does not intend to slow down her pace. She disclosed that emergent new urban problems such as smart city, intelligent environment protection, platform economy and shared economy will become another focuses. With the sincere vision of "Better City, Better Life", she sincerely hopes that: "they can make double breakthroughs in theoretical methods and practical applications in this field."

      Helpful friend and good teacher: To be the straightforward "optimist" with nature

      Besides the excessive diligence, steadfastness and preciseness, "vigorous and resolute" can also describe Chen Xiaohong appropriately. She does not believe in the "more haste, less speed" in the old saying. To herself and others, she demands speed and brilliance. "Ms. Chen always deals with any problem quickly. Once she decides, she acts quickly." As a female, Guan Jian deeply admires for Chen Xiaohong's execution.

      Tang Xiangbo thinks that the "straightforward" nature of Ms. Chen leads to the "vigorous and resolute" actions. "Ms. Chen is really 'outspoken'." She is strict with her students and subordinates. If they do well, she praises them, and she will also point out their problems." He did not shy away from sharing the experience of making a mistake, "Ms. Chen once criticized me for two wrong pages of PPT. After self-reflection, I am not specifically responsible for those two pages, but since I have handled them, I should be responsible, rigorous and careful." Direct feedback even made Tang Xiangbo feel more "worry-free". "We can know we are right or wrong soon."

  "I don't like tangles, so the work efficiency is high and fast." Her heroic quality has been just in these few words. She treats administrative duties and research work equally. Being good at coordinating and daring to reform, she is a lovely "elder sister Xiaohong" of HNUC. After taking office, many measures, such as installing air-conditioning and hot water in dormitories, repairing teachers' canteens, and building students' Maker workshops, Maker academies and intellectual Maker space, etc., have been widely praised by teachers and students. "The school management is also the management, which also needs the top-level design to carry out the idea." From the perspective of managers, Chen Xiaohong thinks that the research and administrative work complement each other.

  "When I have time, I will go for more walks and do more exercises for my health. I also like playing tennis and singing." Although the journey is compact and often in a hurry, it is difficult to find tiredness on Chen Xiaohong's face. In this regard, her secret of optimism and open-mindedness is only one that "it doesn't matter if the body is tired, but the mind can't be tired." She said, "in this way, you can live a full and happy life."

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