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[New Hunan] Chen Xiaohong, an Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering: Start Off Like a Soldier and Become the Backbone of State and Nationality

2018-09-29 17:06:49

Chen Xiaohong (an academician of Chinese Academy  of Engineering)’s wishes to graduates----

Start off like a soldier and become the backbone of state and nationality


[New Hunan Client] News on Jun. 22 (journalist: Yu Rong) Hunan University of Commerce held 2018-class graduation ceremony in this morning. Chen Xiaohong, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and headmaster of Hunan University of Commerce gave a speech and hoped that these graduates could be the permanent “university man” and “struggler” and “transcender” of life on the graduation ceremony. Her speech is excerpted as follows:

Today, we hold the grand 2018-class graduation ceremony. All students, fingers wide, time is too thin. “You always say that graduation is far away, but part ways with someone in a flash”. The fine university time is going to put an end. I want to put forward the several expectations and requirements as you set sail from here.

First of all, I hope that all students could inherit university spirits and insist on permanent “university man”.

You may forget the knowledge learned in university gradually after graduation, but, please bear university spirits in mind, namely, “constantly strive to become stronger, great virtue promotes growth”, “all rivers run into sea”, “erudite, questioning, deliberating, discerning” and “seek truth from facts and unify knowing and doing”. Thanks to the inheritance of university spirits, we can become the shining “university man” after baptism of years.

Taking a wide view of world development, we know that internet, big data, cloud computing, internet of things, artificial intelligence, block chain, virtual reality, intelligent manufacturing and green technology develop rapidly with waves of innovation and rapidly changing era, meanwhile, the trade war set off by America also rings a bell for us.

In such era, we need to study diligently and think carefully. As the doer of thought, I believe that you will shine in the journey of life.

In such era, we need to inherit the virtue and good deeds and refuse to forget your belief due to walking too fast, namely, make soul walk with footsteps.

In such era, we need to inherit and carry forward “creation, innovation and entrepreneurship” spirits to create social dream and try to realize our dreams.

I hope that you can enrich your brain before pocket to wash away ideological impurities, sharpen your thought and become the thought runner and pacesetter of time.

I hope that you can make good conduct before doing things, refuse to be exquisite self-seeker and indifferent egotist, and try to be sentiment with “care for leaves and branches”, the undertaker of “take responsibility with strong shoulder” and firm practitioner of socialist core values.

I hope that you can put our school motto (good faith to the letter and insist on honesty) into action and walk with theme of the times according to the “spirits” of Hunan University of Commerce. I believe that you will develop into the seed of “virtue, erudition, perseverance and self-improvement”, bloom all around the world and evolve a nice smell.

Secondly, I hope that you can make endless struggle to become the permanent “struggler”.

It is often said that “it is never too late to study”. Therefore, “struggle” shall be the permanent background in the journey of life.

Please remember that your ordinary life shall not be third-class. Our road to success is always full of bumps and thorns, instead of flowers and applause. You should know that you can’t reap without sowing or make great fortune overnight. You have no choice but to work hard to win applause, instead of tears.

Hence, you shall believe that family background or your parents are no match for your struggle. Only with struggle, you can win a life without regret. As the saying goes, nothing is impossible for a diligent man. Your efforts will never disappoint your life.

You need to remember this group of national heroes who “do earth-shattering things and conceal their identity” and become something great when you fight for state and society.

Such as, Guo Yonghuai, an academician and scientist who is titled by martyr, died to protect the briefcase with confidential materials when he hugged with his bodyguard during aircraft accident on his way home after getting important data. He studied abroad in the war of resistance, but broke through the generous treatment provided by American government and returned to the motherland determinedly for nuclear weapon research. As a result, he died for the country with unwounded briefcase.

The academician Huang Xuhua, who came to the stormy test base and concealed his identity to work for thirty years after getting married with his wife. His whereabouts and career were unknown by his parents, brothers and sisters. He couldn’t return home even when his father died until his mother was 93 years old. Thanks to his unremitting efforts, he broke through numerous technical difficulties and developedChina’s nuclear-powered submarine.

Lin Junde, an academician who took root in the northwest China to work for 52 years in the ill-conditioned Gobi desert and participate in nuclear test for 45 times, kept on settling documents with oxygen mask in the advanced stage of career. At the end of his life, he was eager to arrange and record his academic achievements for successors. In his opinions, he believed that it was worth to make such small contribution forChinaas a solider.

As for people, what makes greatness? It is unremitting effort. You should know that you can become the backbone of state and nation when you integrate your dream into county and make great efforts to surpass superficialness and briefness.

Thirdly, I hope you become “transcender” of life in pursuit of surpass.

As you know, people are allowed to be ordinary, but growing needs to be done. This growth is a kind of surpass of yourselves, environment and life, including parochialism and prejudice, in other words, insist on curiosity, imagination and critical thinking to move towards “greater self” from “small self” and extend your layout and aspiration as wide as sea, then, cultivate the greatest and most unbending spirit of fearlessness until your life becomes clear and bright.

In addition, you should be nice to the world and others, such as, take exercise and keep fitness, play music and sing, take pride in work, live in health and grow old gracefully.

I hope that you believe in the power of dream and loop up at the starlit sky in the mud season because your insignificant dream will give off a bright light and light up your whole life in one day.

“Youth still bloom in the place without sunshine; the beautiful flowers still flower as peony”. Sometimes, we are very insignificant in this big world, but, you should believe that you will be valued and proud for your efforts. Moreover, you can arrive at every place as long as you are on the way all the time.

I remember Mr. Bajin said that “it is future which can show road for soldiers in war because people feel hopeful and reanimated and never lose the youthful vigor.” Today, I want to send this phrase and song to you and hope that you can are filled with patriotism, righteousness, intrepidity and sympathy to start from Hunan University of Commerce and move towards the endless possibilities, just like a solider.

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