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[New Hunan] Female President of a University Inspired Graduates with a Song Named Motherland Won’t Forget Us

2017-09-15 10:11:52


New Hunan Client News on June 19 (Report: Yu Rong) Recently, Hunan University of Commerce held the graduation ceremony for the graduates of the year 2017; president Chen Xiaohong gave a speech and hoped that graduates would become the men with noble spirits, the men who treat industry, civilization and excellence as habits, and the men who have pattern, temperature and understand life. She cited the classic patriotic song “Motherland Won’t Forget Us” to inspire graduates to contribute themselves to serving the motherland, and to trigger strong resonance. The following are excerpts:

Dear students, teachers, parents and alumni:

Good morning!

Today we hold the graduation ceremony for the graduates of the year 2017 here, witness and share the glory and joy of 3782 graduates of the year 2017, which is an exciting moment and a special moment worth of commemoration. I’m very happy to share your joy and success.

At the moment, as a teacher, in addition to blessing, I would like to say a few hopeful words:

At first, I hope that you will be the men with noble spirits and with the courage to pursue dreams and to lead the trend of the times. My dear students, perhaps many of you are longing for wealth and noble lives before entering the society. But I want to ask you: What is the nobility? Do the nobility live in a villa, buy luxury cars or play golf? Do they spend money like water or indulge in dissipation? Do they issue order to others randomly? No. Nobility means the nobility in spirit; the noble spirit is priceless.

A noble man has the courage to undertake responsibilities; he contributes himself to serving his country; he sympathizes with the weak and respects others; he is generous and open-minded; he is aware of awe and gratitude. General Secretary Xi said: “The vast majority of young people are jade; we should often carve ourselves with sincerity, kindness and beauty, constantly cultivate noble behaviors and pure emotions, and strive to make ourselves become noble people”.

When you leave the campus, will you stick to the entrepreneurial dreams and be brave to create your own success like such excellent alumni as Wang Xiang, Li Wei, Ning Songkai, Fan Jianwen and so on? Will you act bravely or wisely for a just cause like Xu Shoubao and other five students?

Will you care about sufferings regardless of yourselves like Tao Ruqin?

Will you respect the old or persist in caring for them for over ten years like Xiao Xia?

Are you ready to use your loyalty to protect your country, your nation, your family and friends, or even the unknown compatriots?

If you become a tradesman, can you persist in not selling fake and bad goods or not swindling in your whole life?

If you persist in pursuing your dreams and happiness, can you link your lives with this era and the country closely, and contribute yourselves to the changes and progress of the times?

Please use your applause and future action to tell me your answers!

Students, our generation often sing the song “Motherland Won’t Forget Us” where it writes “ In the vast sea of people, who am I? In the rolling waves, which one am I? In the army of conquering the universe, the one who makes silent contributions is me; in the long river of brilliant career, the one who is constantly running is me. I don’t need you to know me, don’t be eager that you remember me; I put my youth into rivers and mountains of my motherland. Mountains know me; rivers know me; my motherland won’t forget me”. HNUC’s students, your responsibilities, deeds and efforts are not forgotten by the times and the motherland. I give this song to you in the youth!

Secondly, we hope that you will be excellent, diligent and civilized people.

We are now in the times full of rapid changes; there are more and more opportunities for success while challenges are everywhere.

Lei Jun, who founded Xiaomi, has the title of “the most diligent CEO” in the industry. For more than a decade, Lei Jun has been working for nearly a dozen hours a day. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, gets up at 4: 30 every morning to send his emails, and is often the latest who leaves the office. Li Jiacheng is still working in his 80s, and he usually sets two alarm clocks to wake himself up in the morning. Professor Liu Siwei, who is in his 70s, is still active in the forefront of teaching and research.

So you should know that people who are brighter than you and whose starting points are higher than yours may be more diligent than you.

If there is a model of success in the world, it must be struggle,  as the saying goes “Nothing is difficult for diligent people”.

Please spare time to keep on reading and studying even when you are very busy. Be a lifelong learning person; fill your head up first, and then fill your pockets up; you should pursue new knowledge constantly, keep your curiosity, imagination and critical thinking and improve yourselves constantly. Be a thinking runner and be a leader of an era.

Please remember that time passes quickly and appearance turns old quickly; only culture, talent and temperament will never fade. The industriousness and civilization that you cultivated in Hunan University of Commerce won’t be out of date at any place in our society. Although you have graduated from the university today, don’ t forget to cultivate yourselves all the way.

May excellence, diligence and civilization be with you all the time!

Thirdly, we hope that our students will be the men who have the pattern, temperature and understand our lives.

Life is not always sunny. “If life is deceiving you, don’t be sad and don’ t be anxious. Calmness is needed in the gloomy days.” How wide your heart is and how big your stage will be. Enlarge your pattern, be indifferent to fame and wealth, and face your life calmly.

My dear students, life must be colorful, but can’t be out of order. Please don’t flatter others and don’t be coquettish; live a clean and elegant life with temperature and dignity. I hope that you don’t think like a computer without your own values and sympathy; instead, you should have a loving heart, a spirit of compassion and cleanliness and tough vitality; you should learn to live, understand the life and actively make life more fulfilling, pure and beautiful!

May you be fearless like an adult in the wind and rain, and be childlike in the sun; may you will always have a pure heart no matter how many vicissitudes you experience in the world. May you go away for half a lifetime and return as a teenager.

You are from all corners of the country and will work in all over the world. Wherever you go and whatever position you are in, may you always be honest, faithful, virtuous, erudite, scrupulous and independent. Gather the positive energy of upward, forward, truth and kindness; stand between the sky and the ground and strive for people’s life; fill in the of resume of life and be the outstanding Chinese!

Finally, I wish the students to spread your wings and fly up, fly higher, fly farther; wish your whole life wonderful, happy and safe!

Thank you!

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