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HNUC Students’ Courageous Act to Save Father and Daughter out of Water Moves Changsha

2017-06-30 08:50:47

At 6pm April 30th, the wide and wavy Xiangjiang River witnessed HNUC’s students saving a father and his daughter in about 20 minutes out of river the river at the Orange Island. For the six students of HNUC who participated in the rescue, what happened during the short 20 minutes will be forever ingrained into their memory.


(Starting from the left: Yan Na, Liu Meimei, Xu Shoubao, Xu Biao, Ren Xueting, Tang Jiaxin)

Xu Shoubao, a senior student from the School of Art & Design of HNUC, and his five classmates, Xu Biao, Ren Xueting, Tang Jiaxin, Liu Meimei and Yan Na, were on their way to the Orange Island on the second day of the Labor Day Holiday. When they approached Orange Island Metro Entrance No.2, someone was yelling, “Someone is fallen into the water!” Then they saw a person jumped into the water.

Dare to rush forward


Xu Shoubao didn’t hesitate to rush towards the scene. At that time, a girl in a school uniform fell into the water and was floating about two or three meters off the shore. Her father jumped into the water instantly to save her, and leaned against a stone wall which is several meters from the bridge. With no facility around to cling onto, he tried many times to save his daughter , but failed. At this critical moment, a passerby threw a dried, long bamboo pole into the water, hoping that they could cling onto it in rushing river. Xu Shoubao said: “ Though I cannot swim, I must figure out a way to help them”. Xu Biao beside Xu Shoubao, held Xu Shoubao’s shoulders with his hands. Standing behind him were three girls, Ren Xueting, Tang Jiaxin and Liu Meimei, tightly pulling his clothes to prevent him from falling off. Xu Shoubao recalled that despite the rushing river, he felt a little relieved when he saw the father and his daughter holding onto the pole and managed to keep from sinking into the water by buoyance.

Being calm and wise during rescue


Xu Shoubao, a young student, was being calm when the rescue team came up with different plans on how to save the victims. While calming down, he was thinking about how to save them. Xu Shoubao said, “The bamboo pole was incomplete and had a raising rottened part at the lower end, and their lives will threatened again if internal fracture occurs”. A woman came up with an idea of taking off clothes and connecting them into a rope. People quickly created a rope of clothes and threw it into the river for the father to hold onto. Then, someone handed another thin rope for the victims to tie and be pulled out of the water. Xu Shoubao, holding the rope of clothes, stopped them and expressed his concern on the effectiveness of this method, “The thin rope is of a finger’s width, can hardly support the weight of the victims, and the rope of clothes is made up of different materials which may break and cause unpredictable results in the process of rescue.

At the same time, someone called 120, someone asked  the security guards for help, and another  shouted at the passing boats for help. As time passed, the young girl became weaker, lying on the river surface instead of standing vertically. Finally, a rescue team came to the scene and handed a professional rescue rope to Xu Shoubao who made a knot and threw it towards the father. The father tied the rope to his daughter quickly. As the rescue team pulled the rope, the girl moved closer to the fence until about half meter from the fence. Xu didn’t hesitate to crane and extend his arms to take her ashore.

Xu Shoubao, 183cm in height but only 60 kg in weight, held the girl, who was still frightened, closely into his thin arms. Xu wondered how he managed to do so since he didn’t believe he could lift anyone weighing over 50 kg ordinarily. His strength seemed to be amplified indefinitely at such a critical moment, Xu said with a smile, “This miracle came true probably because I had the faith of not letting such a young life pass away”.

Saving precious life for no return


A freshman of HNUC, Yan Na, recorded the 6min 58sec rescue video, which presented a moving picture of the people rescuing the two victims. When the girl was rescued, she was with pale face and glazed eyes, yet to recover from the incident. Liu Meimei warmed the girl with her hands and comforted her. After the father was rescued, he took a bow and kneeled  down to thank for people’s help, which moved everyone at the scene. This is the gratitude for kindness. One can feel the very preciousness of life only when it is about to pass away. Xu Shoubao said, “During one flash, one’s life may be decided. I was never that close to death. He said this incident helped him have more understanding of how great a father’s love is.

Ren Xueting, Xu’s classmate, said, “When Xu was pulling the girl, he leaned so forward that we were afraid he would fall into the water. So we held onto his clothes as tightly as we can. It is still scary to recall what happened then!”

After the ambulance took the father and his daughter away, Xu and his schoolmates left in the last glow of sunset. Xu Shoubao, who grew up in Jiangsu Province, told us that in the four years in Hunan, he has sensed the civilized atmosphere whenever he is on campus or in the city  and what he did in the incident is nothing but a petty thing. It is worth noting that, among the six students, three are CPC members, five are from other provinces and four are about to graduate.

Many witnesses recorded the whole process with their phones. The videos were quickly spread via Weibo and Wechat. Many local citizens and tourists were moved by the students’ kindness. Their warm actions soon received strong response from the public. Yi Lianhong, the member of the Standing Committee of Hunan Provincial CPC Committee and the secretary of Changsha Municipal CPC Committee, spoke highly of their act: The star city Changsha is filled with love and is a highland of civilization; many people extended their hands when the father and daughter were troubled; such action is moving and educational. The students’ story has been covered by CCTV, Hunan Daily, HBS Economic Channel, Rednet, Changsha Evening News, Changsha TV’s Political and Law Channel and Changsha.cn. The report was reprinted by many news portals including xinhuanet.com and ifeng.com. (Text/Zhang Dengxia, Photo/Chen Luming, screenshots from phone-recorded video)

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